Organizational units

We have seven departments dealing with the collection and distribution of royalties and/or supporting these activities. Two of them are responsible for licensing, one department deals with documentation & distribution and the members services.

Director General



Chief Financial Officer: JÓZSEF ÁLMOS BOGOS

  • Finance and Controlling: Róbert Lovász (Head of Department)
  • Core Business Finance: Gábor Lovász (Head of Department)
  • Accounting and Facility Management: Zoltánné Kovács (Head of Department)

Chief Transformation Officer: PÉTER BENJAMIN TÓTH

  • HR Officer: Emese Sági-Ondrik

Chief Legal Officer: ESZTER KABAI


Chief Information Officer: SÁNDOR GYŐRI

memberS services

Head of Member Services: ZSUZSANNA LORBERT

Member Relations: Csenge Bánfalvi (Head of Department)

Distribution: Noel Halász (Head of Department)

Documentation: Györgyi Németh (Head of Department)

Public Performance LICENSING

Head of Public Performance Licensing: MÁRIA FILÁK

Branch offices: Tamás Király (Head of Department)

Concerts and events: Andrea Szabó (Head of Department)

Media, Online and mechanical licensing

Head of Media, Online and Phonomechanical Licensing: DÁVID KITZINGER

Media: Nóra Morschl (Head of Department)

Online and Mechanicals: Zsófia Szöllősi (Head of Department)

Private Copying: István Sponga (Head of Department)