Licensing public performances

Whether your business is playing or performing music, you will find the right licenses at Artisjus. Our colleagues are available to help you which music use category and license you need to choose.

We have differenct categories for different uses of music. Once you find your own category, you need to fill in and sign the right data form and send it to us in email.

Please contact our colleagues who will assist you in filling in the right form (available in Hungarian, except for Concerts & Events). Email: [email protected]. Phone: +36 1 488 2643

The remuneration rates are specified in Artisjus’s relevant tariff announcement.  Please contact our colleagues who will help identify the relevant rate for your business or event.

Tariff announcement is available here for restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, hotels, guesthouses (in Hungarian)

Tariff announcement is available here for shops, stores, sport & fitness clubs, health services (in Hungarian)

Tariff announcement is available here for concerts, events (in Hungarian)

Categories of music use

Restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars

Concerts, events: data sheet and license form available here (English version)

Hotels, guesthouses

Shops and stores (incl. hair and beauty)

Exhibitions and fairs


Sport, fitness, leisure

Health services