Licensing other uses

Besides public performances and online use of music, Artisjus provides licenses for broadcasting and recording musical works, as well.

The remuneration rates for TV and radio broadcasting are specified in Artisjus’s relevant tariff announcement. For more information, please contact our colleagues: Media Department, Zsófia Szöllősi (head of dept.): +36 1 488 2780

The renumeration for recorded media (CDs, vinyls, DVDs, etc.) are specified in Artisjus’ relevant tariff announcement. For licenses and more information, please contact our colleagues: Dávid Kitzinger (head of dept.): +36 1 488 2661

Remunerations payable by organisations simultaneously retransmitting radio and television programmes without any changes and in an unabridged form, and on other terms of licensing the use: Tariff Announcement Cable I 22

Remunerations payable by organisations other than the original transmitting (radio or television) broadcasting organisations, communicating encoded radio and television programmes to the public after decoding or transcoding or through direct injection, and on other terms of approval of use: Tariff Announcement Cable II 22