Private copying remuneration

According to the relevant European directives, member states may allow the private copying of copyrighted music, films, images and literary works. However, such freedom has a price, a “fair compensation”, which Hungary provides by imposing a lump-sum remuneration payable on the sale of blank video and audio carrier media.

This lump-sum remuneration is called the blank carrier media remuneration (‘magánmásolási díj’ in Hungarian).

The remuneration rates are specified in Artisjus’s relevant tariff announcement (except for desktops and PCs).

Regarding the remuneration payable on desktop and portable personal computers (PCs), the rates are specified in this seperate tariff announcement.  For more information on remuneration payable, the process of data provision, the use of hologram stickers – please visit this detailed document (coming soon).

The remuneration rate is set by 5 copyright societies and the collected remuneration is distributed by the same 5 societies:

  • performers: EJI
  • film producers, film writers and film-makers: FILMJUS
  • phonogram producers: MAHASZ
  • visual artists, applied artists and photographers: HUNGART
  • composers, lyricists and literary writers: Artisjus

Who is responsible for fulfilling the reporting obligation?

The person manufacturing or importing the blank video or audio carrier media, a person that brings in the media from another Member State or the person that first places it on the market in Hungary.

What is the deadline for fulfilling the reporting obligation?

The reporting obligation must be fulfilled within 8 days of the completion of customs clearance, or, if no customs duty is payable, from the day the media is placed on the market or, if it is an earlier date, from the day it is put in a warehouse for the purpose of placing it on the market. If the obligation to provide information is not met, the person responsible for this must pay a lump-sum cost remuneration equal to the blank recording media remuneration.

What data must be reported?

The number/amount and types of imported or manufactured blank recording audio and video recording media, and additional data in connection with their purchase and placing on the market.

When and where can the hologram stickers be picked up?

The exact number of stickers required must be specified in advance and then they can be collected at a scheduled time during opening hours.

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday: Between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Friday: Between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m.

What is the process of reporting?

According to Section 20(2) of Act LXXVI of 1999 on copyright (the Copyright Act), the remuneration must be paid within 8 days from the completion of customs clearance, or, if no customs duty is payable, from the day the media is placed on the market or, if it is an earlier date, from the day it is put in a warehouse for the purpose of placing it on the market, and the data reporting must be carried out by the same date (see also Section 22 of the Copyright Act). The purpose of hologram stickers is to provide a simple proof that these obligations have been fulfilled (see below).

The administration of data reports and remuneration payments is carried out by the following staff members of Artisjus’s Sound Recording Licensing Department:

Brigitta Puskás (, phone: +36 1 488 2620 and

Alexandra Fülöp ( phone: +36 1 488 2733.

Fax: +36 1 212 1542

We will process the statements in the order we receive them. As we calculate the payable remuneration on the basis of the statements, we can only accept statements that have been completed accurately and legibly, and that have been duly signed and stamped.

– Statements can be sent to us only by e-mail or fax.

– Please attach a copy of the purchase invoice to the statement.

– If the statement you submit is your first statement, please attach a certificate of incorporation issued maximum 3 months earlier and a sample signature.

– Following a review of the statement, we will send you a remuneration payment notice issued on the basis of the current remuneration announcement.

– After we receive reliable proof that the remuneration has been paid, you can schedule with us by phone a date and time for collecting the hologram stickers. You can collect the stickers at the scheduled time in our office personally or through an authorized representative. You must bring your company stamp.

– After the remuneration has been paid, we will send you the invoice certifying payment by post.

Checking of mobile phones through their IMEI number

Our IMEI check system has been available since 1 July 2013.

Importers and manufacturers can report the IMEI numbers of their mobile phones to Artisjus through this web interface.

Retailers can use this interface to check the remuneration payment status of the devices they sell.

The remuneration rates are specified in Artisjus’s relevant tariff announcement. The remuneration announcement is approved by the Minister of Justice following an examination conducted by the National Office for Intellectual Property and consultations with significant remuneration payers and their advocacy organizations. After the Minister’s approval, it is published in the Official Gazette (Hivatalos Értesítő).

The levies are calculated on the data reports of those required to make payment and data disclosed by the Customs Authority upon Artisjus’s request.