Become a music publisher member

If a music publishing house would like to be represented by Artisjus directly and would like to register their publisher shares and receive royalty payments from Artisjus, they need to sign a cooperation agreement with us.

  • Companies shall prove that they have music publishing registered in their activities.
  • Foreign music companies must meet the same requirements as Hungarian companies.
  • The working language of Artisjus is Hungarian, and consequently all contracts and accounts are issued in Hungarian.
  • However, basic communication (e-mail) may also be in English.

In order to sign a cooperation agreement, the publishing company shall prove its current corporate data as these are the guarantee of a lawful payment of royalties.

Following documents and information are needed

  • certificate of incorporation (official copy of company records) which proves the incorporation of the company and its current effective data, including
    • the person representing the company
    • company’s seat
    • that the company has music publishing activity
  • memorandum of association
  • if the above documents do not contain data on the activities of the company, any official document which proves the activities (including music publishing activity and excluding recording activity) of the company
  • VAT number (if the company is seated in the European Union then the EU VAT Nr) of the company that is a prerequisite for the future money transfers to the publisher
  • specification of the territories for which publishing company chooses Artisjus as a direct representative

Please note that Artisjus accepts official documents as certified copies and their official translation into English or Hungarian only. Simple /scanned copies are not acceptable for registering a publishing company. As for the certification abroad we advise you to contact a notary public or  your Apostille-authority in  your country.

If the publisher company is already a member of another collective management society they shall amend or terminate any existing contradicting mandate for those territories where they intend to be represented by Artisjus.

After we receive these documents and information, our cooperation contract (a model agreement in Hungarian which are generally used) and its appendix on the territorial specification will be sent you.

Please be informed in advance that account of royalties are based on a direct registration of your music publishing agreements, therefore after having a cooperation agreement with Artisjus all of your original music publishing agreements shall be submitted to our Documentation Department.

Legal Contact

Artisjus Legal Department

Tel: +36 (1) 488-2636


Online System

Music publisher companies represented by Artisjus can manage and track their contracts on a password-protected online platform (ZIR / Music Publisher Information System).
As copyright laws may vary from one country to another, please contact for more specific information adapted to your case or for questions about registering online.