When and which royalty will Artisjus transfer to you? This calendar contains the planned starting date of payments to right owners – and also some additional deadlines you need to know.

Depending on the number of transactions to be processed, and the processing time required by banks it may take up to a few days until the amounts appear in your account.

 January Registering unidentified performances for the 2020 Grand Distribution 31 Jan 2020
February Release of suspense accounts (winter) 27 Feb 2020
Deadline: registering cue sheets for the 2020 Grand Distribution 29 Feb 2020
March Deadline: submitting invoices of authors’ self-releases and independent record labels’ releases for per analogy distribution 31 March 2020
April Distribution – broadcasting of literary works 16 Apr 2020
May Distribution – Grand Distribution, part 1:
– TV
– Live background music in catering businesses
14 May 2020
June Distribution – Grand Distribution, part 2:
– Concert for entertainment (H2 of 2019)
– Classical music events
– Background music
– Film music
– Private Copying Levy
3 July 2020
August Release of suspense accounts (summer) 7 August 2020
Distribution of reprography royalties 27 Aug 2020
Deadline: registering works for the release of suspense accounts (autumn) 31 Aug 2020
October Distribution – Concert for entertainment H1 2020 15 Oct 2020
November Release of suspense accounts (autumn) 19 Nov 2020
December Unidentified performances: re-distribution for musical and literary works 08 Dec 2020

We continuously distribute royalties received for the release of sound recordings, foreign royalties, and online uses, and pay them to the right owners.