Practical information

Before registering your work you should first register with Artisjus as an author, and we recommend that you mandate Artisjus to manage your copyrights collectively. We recommend that you register your works online, but we continue to accept also paper based reporting.


Legal protection. Although copyright protection is not subject to registration, the registration with Artisjus can be an important piece of evidence for any dispute concerning authorship.

Identification and payment of royalties. Accurate royalty distributions and payments are made based on the work registrations filed by authors. Users – radio stations, TV channels, concert organisers – send us usage data all year, and our colleagues keep processing them on an on-going basis. As long as the work is not registered, Artisjus can only mark it as ’unknown’ based on the data received. Although we keep these unidentified royalties available for 3 years, and authorship may be clarified retroactively, it is much better if we can identify the appropriate work from day one.

Full list of your works. If you report all your works upon creation, Artisjus’ files will be complete, so you can manage all of your works in one place. Our online platform will show the complete register of your works.

ISWC code. Similarly to books, music works also have an international ID number called ISWC (International Standard Musical Work Code, see The allocation of ISWCs is done by Artisjus in Hungary. Such codes may be allocated only to registered works. This identifier also helps foreign collective management societies to easily identify Hungarian works, helping them to forward the royalties through Artisjus to reach the Hungarian right owners.

criteria for reporting a work

  • Every author must register by completing a form titled personal datasheet (if they have not previously done so). This is where you must provide personal and financial details required for receiving your royalties.
  • During the registration process, we ask each author to give us a mandate to manage his/her royalties. By signing the mandate agreement, work registration will be free of charge. (Otherwise work registration costs 700 HUF +VAT / work
  • Works may be registered through an online form or on a paper based work reporting form.


Any composer or lyricist can register in our online system following the mandate of Artisjus to manage their rights.

Prior to the first use of the online system users must register in person in Budapest (+36 1/488-2666) or any of our 6 field offices: : Debrecen: +36 52/536-527, Győr: +36 96/618-010, Miskolc: +36 46/508-950, Pécs: +36 72/520-636, Szeged: +36 62/558-191, Zalaegerszeg: +36 92/598-646. To arrange an appointment make a phone call or email us at: [email protected]

Faster registration. While paper work registration forms may take up to 2-3 weeks to process, works reported online will be registered in our database within 2 days.

More accurate specification of royalties. Users – radio and television channels, concert organisers, etc. – send in usage data throughout the year, and our colleagues continuously process them. To ensure accurate distribution of royalties it is important that works are registered in our system as soon as possible.

No mailing costs. Online registration may save you the mailing costs, and by not using paper forms you help protect the environment.

Online upload instead of CDs. The system was set up to enable the uploading of audio files, and printed sheet music through a single click, so you do not have to create any more CD copies.

Electronic approval instead of signatures. Reporting a co-authored work is only possible if each composer and lyricist grant their approval. In such a case one of the composers completes the online form, and after finalisation, they may use a special function of the online system to send it to the other co-authors for approval.


WORK REGISTRATION on a printed form

Successors, and our members working with foreign co-authors may ask for a paper copy of the form from our staff either at [email protected] or [email protected]. We will send the form to interested parties by email.